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Good morning!(this was writer at 6pm but shush) Okay so a lot of the coding community LOVE visual studio code as it is just a 50mb code writing software which while still basic is full of power. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could take it on the go and edit stuff on your server?!

It would!

This is where the open source coder software comes in! This project is based in Austin, TX and can current as of the 15th of April 2019 run on linux and OSX systems with planned support for Windows soon.

I use a windows PC/Server, how do I use this?

Welp.. you don't... Okay that was a lie.
In order to get this to work there are a couple ways to approach this.

Windows 10+

Windows has the ability to run linux in the background of windows itself.
In order to install linux under windows you need to open a powershell window and paste this line of code:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

and then reboot your PC.
Once rebooted open up the microsoft store find your favorite distro of linux like Ubuntu, the best part of this is it is only 200mb!

Now you have linux installed run these commands:

Sudo apt update
Sudo apt install docker.io tmux

This will install the tools you need to run the coder server! Now close the window.
In order to run this in a folder you want to work in you want to navigate to that folder on your computer and shift+right click on an empty space to show the "open Linux shell here" and click it.
In order to download the latest version of coder please head to the coder release page here and rich click the latest zip folder with 'linux' in its name and then copy link location, now run this command in the linux terminal you opened earlier:

wget [url from github]
cd /code-server[press tab to auto complete here]
sudo ./code-server -p 8443 -P [password to login]

And now you have your coder page up and running on your windows device! Do some port forwarding and you can then access all your code projects all over the world along with any plugins you decide to install in your installation! Feel free to close the terminal if you like now.